Luffy vs Lucci

Credits: JohnXY

Monkey D. Luffy takes on Rob Lucci in this epic fight off One Piece.

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Luffy vs Lucci, 4.6 out of 5 based on 47 ratings

Author: Ganesh

When I'm not encoding, I'll probably be working. When I'm not doing either, I'll be catching up on anime. Rest of the time, I punch kids in the face.

  • Luffy


  • ZenkaiNinken

    Is this still going to be on YouTube?

  • Dave Delos Santos

    Thanks but vid in yotube was better

  • Al-Jawan Eaton


  • Stark

    49:40 that should’ve been a loss for Luffy, for fuck sake he wasn’t able to get up and took a direct hit from Lucci’s strongest attack point fucking blank. Naruto/Bleach/One Piece STOP MAKING YOUR MAIN PROTAGONISTS SHAKE OFF critical injuries and then come back to win the fight! It’s the worst anime cliche in the world, make them survive the hit (you can’t kill off your protagonists, I get that) and have them fight where they can win with minor injury, making the battle seem believable. I swear it’s like the only way to get an ideal fight is have identically powerful battles (the good guy starts off weak and then catches up.)

    • Zanji Suzunami

      I agree with this, but realize, even though it’s a trope this is a shounen battle series, this happens in 90-100% in all anime of it’s type. It’s been doing it for years and it’s not stopping anytime soon no matter how much we all gripe about it.

    • Some dude

      I get what your saying but, Luffy refused to fall down after Lucci’s
      final attack, it’s his fault for walking away thinking it was over, he
      should of followed it up to the point of overkill. If you compare
      Lucci’s final attack to Luffy’s, the Jet Gattling was the superior final
      attack that would keep someone down.

    • Valiant

      I’d attribute that to the Will of D. He has such a strong will that he can’t lose to Rob Lucci.

  • Zanji Suzunami

    Love this battle, really shows how much effort is put into the choreography of this shows fights.