Natsu vs Zero

Credits: FairySekai

Natsu is ready to take down Zero in this clip off Fairy Tail.

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Natsu vs Zero, 4.1 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

Author: Ganesh

When I'm not encoding, I'll probably be working. When I'm not doing either, I'll be catching up on anime. Rest of the time, I punch kids in the face.

  • Michael Hitchner


  • AJ Channel

    how do i download?

  • Kuroki Kaze

    your link on this is kinda dead, could you re-upload elsewhere so we can see this again? between this and Natsu vs Jellal were the most fun fights of Fairy Tail to watch in the early game (Natsu vs Gajeel and then Natsu + Gajeel vs Laxus being other good ones.)